Welcome to My Website!

So...what's up with this site?

Glad u asked! This is my ongoing (amateur) website project dedicated to Sophie Walten from The Walten Files. This site acts as a shrine of sorts and is where I will document new information about her + her story, new images, and things that remind me of her. I'm a selfshipper or yume or fictosexual...whatever you wanna call it. I've been in love with her since 2021, I'm very passionate about her and just want a place where I can share my enthusiasm. Still learning HTML so updates may be sporadic and things will definitely be pretty janky on mobile (best viewed on desktop firefox!), but it's a labor of great love, so bear with me. :^)

What's this Walten Files thing all about?

Another great question I'm happy to answer! to put it simply, The Walten Files (created by Martin Walls!) is an ongoing multimedia analog horror series. The series recounts the story of the mysterious closure of a children's entertainment restaurant linked to odd disappearances through a series of recovered archival tapes. Although the story often jumps around in the timeline and depicts events in non-linear ways, it is partly presented through the primary audience surrogate Sophie Walten as we uncover many pieces of information alongside her. There are also offshoots from the youtube series, like the continually updated Findjackwalten website, but I'll leave you with just the series as it stands for now. For more information on TWF, this is an amazing resource! If you want to watch all of the episodes so far in order, here is a compiled playlist.


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Sophie Walten from The Walten Files!